Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Farewell Zoe, my four-legged friend. I remember when I first got you, a little ball of fur with short, stubby legs. When you were so excited to see me one day, you ran straight at me and bit down on my lip. When you escaped one day and chased the donkeys like the herding dog you were bred to be. I remember “talking” to you from my bedroom window and how you were talented enough to say “I love my mama.” I loved kicking your ball and watching you roll it back with your nose. It was so funny that you also used your nose to dig holes, I guess your legs were too short. I remember how much you loved the snow and ice. You would attack snowballs and lick and slide chunks of ice around. I will miss your excited face and wagging stub of a tail that greeted me each day I got home. I’ll miss the way you got the Chihuahuas worked up into a howling session most evenings. I’ll miss you, Zoe, you were a good dog and seven years just wasn’t long enough.

R.I.P. Zoe
April 2004-August 13, 2011
A Most Beloved Friend

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