Friday, July 24, 2015

Just a Quick Word (With Cats!)

            Wow! I don't know where the last week went! I wanted to do another picture post sometime this week, but the week seems to have almost escaped from me.  I would also like to tell my fellow bloggers that I'm sorry for getting behind.  I truly do enjoy reading your posts, but this month has just been more hectic that I thought it would be, and I hope to catch up with you guys soon. 
            Just for fun, I thought I would introduce everyone to my cats.  They have made some appearances in post pictures before, and I thought they deserved a proper introduction!

Here they are:
They're pretty lazy
This is Kitty:

We wanted to come up with a great name for her when she was a kitten, so we waited for her personality to develop.  But the next thing you know, we just couldn't come up with anything more fitting than Kitty or just The Cat since she was our only indoor cat for a while.
This is Sawyer:
He's my lap baby and a great comforter after a long day at work.  He also likes to sleep in a lot of strange positions, so he ends up in more pictures than the other two.
This is Sophie:

She is the bratty, "little sister" of this clowder.  She sometimes ninja-strikes all, whether cat, dog, or human, who cross her path.
            That's all for now, I hope you have enjoyed meeting my cats.  Do you have cats?  Are you a cat person or dog person?  Or neither?


  1. Ninja kitty! Good for her.
    Beautiful cats.

    1. Thanks, Alex. She sure does like to maintain an element of surprise :)

  2. Such cute cats with I think all different personalities :) I never had a cat, more of a dog person :)


    1. Yes, they definitely have different personalities and sometimes that can create a bit of conflict, but they still tolerate each other most of the time :)

  3. Aw! They are adorable! Sawyer looks like my twin kitties Milo and Otis. :)

  4. Cute names! I used to have that movie on VHS :)


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