Sunday, March 31, 2013

Turn Your Eyes to the Cross

I thought I’d share a couple poems I wrote in the past couple years.  I wrote the first one not too long ago as just a reminder to put my hope in the Lord.  As for the second one, I started the first four lines last year and finally decided to finish it up for today. Hope you enjoy:

Do we live to dream or dream to live?
     That phrase just makes you wonder...
If I give my life to the dream will it
     come true or take me under?
Underground and out of mind,
     depression takes its toll.
Life becomes a dreadful thing
     that's relentless, grim, and dull.
But hope remains for those who turn
     their eyes upon the cross.
Without the love of Jesus Christ
     our efforts would all come to loss.
He gave His life to set us free
     from the awful curse of sin.
He rose again to life
     so those who follow Him can win.

It’s not about bunnies or baskets or candy,
It’s not about bonnets or dresses so dandy.
Egg hunts and parades become such trivial things,
If we sit back and listen when the true message rings.
Jesus died on the cross and then rose again,
He gave His all to save us from our sin.
So whether your Easter is full of rain or shine,
Make sure to give Jesus a moment of your time!
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