Monday, February 28, 2011

A Look Back In Time

            I present this post in honor of Diary Day, an event I created 10 years ago on Feb. 28, 2001. I have kept the same diary on and off for over 10 years and I have only missed one Diary Day entry. I know this may sound silly, but I like having this day set aside for writing. So, I thought I’d post a quote from each of my Diary Day entries. Hope you enjoy my moments of nostalgia and a little silliness.

2001: Dear Diary, I don’t really know why I’m doing this, if anyone reads it they’ll think I’m crazy.

2002: I think I’m going to make today my official diary day, every year I’ll try my best to write on Feb. 28.

2003: (I still laugh at this one) I promise to you Diary that the next opportunity I have, I will ask ________ to go to the prom with me, and his answer will be the determination of whether or not I’m going to keep him as a crush (obviously). (No, I didn’t ask him, I wasn’t as crazy as I thought I was)

2004: I just feel like I am living two different lives. One here at OBU, with no best friend, and uncrazy; one in Checotah with my family and (friends)…and always doing something out of the ordinary. (What is the obsession with thinking I’m crazy?)

2005: Well, not much else to say and only one line left. Ta Ta.

2006: (The year I missed, so I wrote on March 1) Noooo!!...I missed Diary Day! I am so sad :(

2007: …I sometimes feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. But it’s happening and I guess I just have to live in the moment and take on one day at a time, and hope that God’s plan for me will reveal itself one day soon.

2008: I was looking back through my entries, and as much as I sounded like a totally crazy person in those high school (and some college) years, I would still love to be in that simple time. Sure, things weren’t perfect, but I had my best friends and we found joy in life together.

2009: (This was a long one, hard to pick one quote, I may use some of it in a future blog post) Oh, what a mess I am! Right now, I’m living up to everyone’s expectations of me, but I’m not meeting my own expectations of myself…If only my hand could write as fast as I think!

2010: I read too many books, watch too many romances, and allow my mind to fall into fantasies of what ifs and what could bes…I guess reality just seems rather dull in comparison, it’s hard not to allow myself to escape for a while…I know God doesn’t mind that I have dreams and desires, but I can’t let them take over and push God aside.

Well, that’s all for now. I found some topics in my own writing that I could use in future blog posts, so hopefully, I won’t get another case of writer’s block anytime soon. Until next time, Happy Diary Day!

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