Monday, August 1, 2016

Question of the Month: Favorite Beach

The Question of the Month is a bloghop that occurs the first Monday of each month and it is hosted by Michael G D'Agostino from A Life Examined. Here is this month’s question:

 "What's your favourite beach?"

            I have had the privilege to visit a handful of beaches on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and along the Gulf of Mexico. I enjoyed aspects of each of the beaches I’ve been too, but the one I enjoyed the most was in Cape Canaveral, Florida. My friends and I had access to a semi-private beach with the resort we were staying at and it was such a peaceful place. Plus, we saw a manatee, which was awesome! For the rest of my post, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. And if you want more pictures, I featured some in one of my Throwback Thursday Photos posts last year.




  1. Such pretty pictures! Never been to any beaches on the East Coast :) That is so neat about the manatee!


  2. It would be so cool to see a manatee. Coolest animal I've seen at the beach would be dolphins and deer, believe it or not. Great pictures.

  3. A semi private beach sounds great. I love walking out on those piers where you can see all kinds of creatures swimming.

  4. The semi private beach sounds so wonderful. The water looks so clear in that 2nd image down. How pretty!

    I live in Nebraska. No beaches here. :(

  5. Wow, you did see a manatee. That's cool.

  6. Florida's beaches are popular. Sometimes my friend Carol and I have afternoon tea in Ashes Tea Room at Jacksonville Beach. It's a lovely spot.


  7. Great photos. I've never seen a manatee, not even on TV. I had to google it right now to see a picture.
    My post on my favorite beach is finally live too, if a week late:


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