Tuesday, October 4, 2016

IWSG: Is It Ready?

            Time for another posting with the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, where writers can share their insecurities and encourage one another. IWSG was founded by Alex J. Cavanaugh and we share our posts the first Wednesday of the month. The IWSG poses a question for us to answer in our monthly posts. Here is the question for October:

When do you know your story is ready?
            Honestly, I have not completed enough stories to know how to answer this question. Most of my stories remain incomplete swimming around in my head. I think I have a chronic start-a-project-and-never-complete-it problem. Is there a word for that? There should be. I have so many blog posts and stories that I’ve started and never finished. And this problem is not exclusive to writing, I also have incomplete craft and sewing projects, organizational projects, and other substantial projects on my to do list. That being said, I will know when my current IWSG anthology entry is ready when I figure out which way it’s going to end. Of course, with the story I entered in last year’s contest I knew the ending before I had a plot, and since I decided that I want to try to fix that story, it has gone back to not ready mode. I think it depends on the story.

            On a side note: My brother used up most of our monthly 4G data the last week of September (yes, I still share a cell phone plan with my family, it's more economical this way) and our data does not reset until the 10th. So, I am stuck with the Wi-Fi that only works part-time :(   I have also been feeling slightly under the weather due to allergy and sinus problems this week and have been going to sleep a little earlier. The late night is my usual blog visiting time. I have visited and read some posts that managed to load in the past couple weeks, but I did not leave any comments. I'm hoping to visit/revisit and comment tomorrow on my day off, if the Wi-Fi agrees with me. In the meantime, congrats to all those who have released new books recently, I noticed quite a few blog tours going on.


  1. Wow that is not much data on the wifi. We have 18 G, son is still on our plan too. We use about 13 G a month, mainly son does with streaming music. Hope you feel better soon!


  2. Bummer about the WiFi. My sinuses are bothering me as well, so I know how you feel.

  3. I just had to bump up my data plan because we kept going over. I thought 7G sounded like more than I could ever use, but it seems the more you have the more you want...

    IWSG October

  4. It really does depend on the story and the writer.

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. A good writer is full of stories. But it's also important to know how to prioritize. Sometimes it's just a matter of realizing which stories are more important, and then you won't have so much trouble writing.

  6. Hehehe those writing quotes you shared are scarily accurate. And yes, every story is different, but then, I kind of have this standard in my mind. If the book matches that standard, I consider it done. :-)

  7. Loved your writing quotes! I usually know the ending and the beginning, but the middle is what trips me up. But even so, no story ever turns out like I expected. But that's the fun of it. So sorry to hear about your allergies and the wi-fi.

  8. Perhaps you'll do a finish-them-up thing. That is, for a while you have a bunch of projects that you think you'll never finish. Then, one day, you finish one. And then another. And suddenly, everything that wasn't quite finished gets finished in one fell swoop. (It happens to my knitting projects all the time.)

    I feel your data pain. It happens. Don't worry--the blogs will all be here when you have the time and data for them.

  9. According to the definition you've offered above I guess I'm a writer. I've got all kinds of unfinished stuff and lots of ideas and I mostly just stay home these days coming up with more.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  10. Sorry everyone! I've been going through a rough patch with my internet and also with some personal issues. I will try to get around to each of your latest posts soon. Better late than never, right?


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