Tuesday, April 30, 2019

IWSG: Let It Go

Time for another posting with the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, where writers can share their insecurities and encourage one another. IWSG was founded by Alex J. Cavanaugh and we share our posts the first Wednesday of the month.

Let me be honest for few minutes here. Aside from messages to friends, the only writings I have done lately have been prayers. They are usually passionate, sincere, and from the heart. I have edited and shared some of my prayers publically, but a lot of them are only between myself and God. That being said, I sometimes feel this guilt about not writing enough shareable content. Yet, the more I think about it, the more I realize that this is not something I should be feeling guilty about. There are different seasons in life, and I am not currently in a season to focus on my writing. I am finally ready to accept the fact that I am not and probably will not become a career writer. Writing will always be a part of my life, but it is not the center of my life.

Going through the KonMari process with my belongings has taught me that sometimes it is best to let something go. I guess my point is that I feel that it is time for me to stop blogging with the IWSG. I will remain in the IWSG Facebook group and I might still participate in some of the Instagram posts. I will also be taking a break from blogging for the summer, unless I come up with a story for the June WEP Challenge. It is hard to say goodbye, but it’s really only a “soft” goodbye. I would like to thank the members of this group (and other bloggers who are not in IWSG) for being supportive and kind to me, even in the times when I did not return your visits. I really enjoyed my experience with the IWSG, with the various types of writing that I tried out, and all the encouragement and advice. I still plan to utilize some of the writing methods I’ve learned through this group.

When I return, I plan to take this blog back to its roots. I started off with devotional posts and life lessons, and that is what I hope to start again. For the summer, if there are any updates on my writing, you can find them on my Facebook page. And if you want to keep up with some of my other life adventures, I check and post to my Instagram fairly regularly.

Thanks for all your support!


  1. I'm sorry you are bowing out for a time. There is a season for all things.
    And writing prayers to God is the best writing you can do.

  2. Sorry to see you go, but completely understand. Writing prayers is a lovely thing to do. All the best going forward.

  3. Wise that you are coming to these conclusions; certainly perhaps an answer to prayer and where God might be leading you next. Enjoy your summer! I may see you on Instagram; I know I'm connected with you and Facebook. Just started Instagram this January and not sure I have time for it all.


  4. It happens. I'm sorry to hear it, but you've got to do what's best, and right now this sounds best.

  5. Sometimes, the things we write are just for us. :) Sorry to see you go, but I get it. I'm here for you if you ever need me for anything. Just send me an email ChrysFey(at)yahoo(dot)com or send me a message through on Facebook or Instagram. Take care!

  6. Sometimes, you just need to step back and refocus on what's important. Glad you're taking steps like that for your life. :)

  7. So sorry you will be leaving parts of IWSG, but you are the only one who can make that choice. God has a plan for everyone, and it is always better to yield to HIS plan when you feel it. I'm so glad you have the courage and fortitude to head onward. You can never go wrong following HIM!

  8. Oh! I hadn't ever thought of writing prayers down. Like a journal, but better, somehow.


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