Monday, August 17, 2015

The Simple Woman's Daybook

          I thought I would try out something new today.   The Simple Women's Daybook  is hosted by Peggy, and she includes the Daybook prompts for August on her page for those who would like to link-up.

For Today...  August 17, 2015

Outside my window... It's already kind of sticky outside and with a high of 99°F, it will probably be another hot, summer day.  Other than that, it is quite peaceful and quiet outside.

I am thinking... I am not ready to go back to work after having gum graft surgery on Thursday.  My lower front gumline was receding, so I had to go to a periodontist to have this surgery done.  They said it would be a quick recovery, which it has been recovering well, but it's hard to eat and the pain pills make me a bit dizzy.   I thought taking a four-day weekend would be enough, but now, I'm not so sure.  As you will see in the rest of this post, this is definitely occupying my thoughts today.

I am thankful... My brother makes some really good smoothies with peanut butter powder for protein. So, I am thankful that he has made me some this weekend :)

I am wearing... Work clothes :( Wal-Mart blue shirt and khaki pants, and when I get to the pharmacy, I put on my blue smock.

I am creating... Nothing, besides this blog post.

I am going... I think you get the picture, but if not, I am about to leave for work.

I am wondering... What I should pack for lunch today, not many options when most foods stick to my retainer.

I am reading... I just started Pretties by Scott Westerfeld, the second in his Uglies series.

I am hoping... I hope to get some things marked off my to do list this Thursday (my next day off) since I was resting most of the time these last few days.

I am learning... I am still working on Chinese with Rosetta Stone, which I started in October. I can't believe it has nearly been a year!

In my kitchen... Smoothies :) and lots of soft foods.

A favorite quote for today...
A peek into one of my days... Just another day at home with my cats, which is also...
One of my favorite things...


  1. Hello! Your cats are beautiful!! I hope you have a really good day at work, and that things go smoothly.
    Have a great week, too :)

  2. How cute with the cats! I hope work won't be too bad today and your recovery from surgery continues to progress as smoothly as it can. Yogurt perhaps for lunch?


  3. Your cats are cute!

    I've used real peanut butter in a smoothie a few times. I'll have to look for peanut butter powder.

    I hope you have a good day at work. Gum graft surgery doesn't sound too pleasant. I hope you continue to recover well.

  4. That does not sound like a fun surgery. If you're not ready, don't go back.
    And peanut butter anything in a smoothie rocks.

  5. I like the format of this post. I don't like anything to do with dental work, gums, or anything like that. I wish you well.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  6. Thanks everyone for the well wishes and sorry for the delayed response, I guess going back to work made me feel more tired than I thought I'd be!


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